Lab Retreat 2023

Text by Marion Perrier and Laura Fabre

Our team gathered for a two-day retreat in Eisenach, diving deep into everything fungi-related, from wet lab to bioinformatics, were we drew each other’s graphical abstracts based on the lab members’ presentations about their latest work. We also discussed several science-adjacent topics: this year, we talked about how to write a CV for academic and non-academic positions, semi-predatory publishing and inequalities in science, giving nice talks, choosing the right journal to publish your work, and how to improve figures in papers.


But it wasn’t all work—we also got to know each other’s favorite hobbies outside the lab. Turns out, we’ve got some pretty cool interests, from knitting to roller derby, trading, and even an introduction to Polynesian traditional lore!


We also had the opportunity to visit Wartburg, a castle within Eisenach classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As we bid farewell to Eisenach, we’re excited to take our research to the next level and maintain the awesome team spirit we’ve built.

train knitting

Amelia Barber
Amelia Barber

Fungal pathogenesis, resistance, and genome stuff. Always up for an adventure or bike ride.