February 2021: 2 open PhD positions

We are recruiting 2 PhD student to investigate how cross-kingdom interactions of environmental fungi in their native niche shapes pathogenicity in humans. One position will be mostly lab-based, while the other will be primarily computational. However, candidates with an interest or experience in both areas are also encouraged to apply!

The required for qualifications for both positions are:
- Masters degree (or equivalent) with research-based thesis.
- Very good communication skills in English.

The specific requirements for the bioinformatics PhD position are:
- Knowledge and expertise in the analysis of biological high-throughput data.
- Knowledge in statistical methods in the context of biological systems.
- Experience with programming (Python, Perl, R, or C++).

The specific requirements for the wet lab positions are:
- Laboratory experience in microbiology, molecular biology, and/or biochemistry
- Basic knowledge of programming (R, python) for data analysis and statistics
- Prior experience working with microbial communities and/or metagenomic data would be an asset, but not required

What we offer:

We provide a convivial work atmosphere in an interdisciplinary and international research environment. The Leibniz-HKI is embedded in the outstanding scientific environment of the Beutenberg Campus providing state-of-the-art research facilities and a highly integrative network of life science groups. The group is part of the Microverse Cluster of Excellence and the PhD candidate will become a member of the Jena School of Microbial Communication. Our group is located within the Systems Biology & Bioinformatics Group (SBI) at the Leibniz-HKI and the successful candidates will be fully integrated in the SBI and benefit from shared samples, data, and methods with the other PhD students and post-doctoral researchers of the group.

Applications can be made until March 15, 2020.
Apply for the bioinformatics PhD position
Apply for the microbial ecology (wet lab) PhD position

More information about the project, our group, and what we offer can be found in the video below:

Applications can be made until December 3, 2020.

Additional information, including how to apply, at:
https://www.microverse-cluster.de/en/jobs.html or https://apply.jsmc.uni-jena.de/

Amelia Barber
Amelia Barber
Group Leader

Fungal pathogenesis, resistance, and genome stuff. Always up for an adventure or bike ride.