The group put coding aside for an evening to explore their artistic talents. The goal here was to decorate our new building with some painting that could represent our home in the Excellence Cluster, Balance of the Microverse. Each member was assigned a letter the task of making a painting that represted the letter and anything from their working day or life in the Microverse cluster.

Brushes πŸ–Œ, paints 🎨, glitter ✨, music 🎢, drinks 🍺 and food 🍜 packed the night and made room for masterpieces πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨.

Group hard at work on their art

The whole Rosalind-Franklin-Straße team (Fungal Informatics + Viral Ecology and Omics) contributed canvases and proudly posed for this snapshot of our macroverse.

The FI + VEO team with their artwork

Fungi, bacteria and phages were the main characters in the art. In addition, people explored the bioinformatic context, experimental setings, connectivity, modelling and chemical coumpounds. Thanks to everyone’s creativity, this is what the entrance to our office looks like now!

Entry photo

Text by Ailton Pereira and Amelia Barber

Amelia Barber
Amelia Barber

Fungal pathogenesis, resistance, and genome stuff. Always up for an adventure or bike ride.