Medical Mycology Trainee Seminar Series - December 2020

The Medical Mycology Trainee Seminar Series is a newly launched platform that allows new faculty, postdocs, and PhD students a platform to present their work virtually to the global medical mycology community. Amelia Barber (Leibniz-HKI, Jena, Germany) and José Vargas-Muñiz (SIU, Carbondale, IL, USA) gave the inaugural lectures in what promises to be a great seminar series.

Many thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to present our work on Searching for the source: how environmental fungi become clinically resistant.

Video of the presentations can be watched below.

More info about the series (and the ability to submit an abstract to present your own work) at

Amelia Barber
Amelia Barber

Fungal pathogenesis, resistance, and genome stuff. Always up for an adventure or bike ride.